Stuart Hostetter (AKA Side Job Stu!)

Ep. 32) 30 Side Hustles

In episode 32, we interview Stuart Hostetter, AKA Side Job.

Topics Covered in Episode:

  • 30 different side hustles you can start implementing today!

About Stuart: Stuart has side hustled his whole life. When he was a teen they dubbed him as “Side job Stu”. He can't remember a time when he hasn’t had 3 to 5 jobs and always preached the importance of side hustles to people.

He lost a 6 figure salary due to covid but because of his many side hustles, he didn’t skip a beat and have supported his family for the entire duration. Professionally, he has spent most of his career in management, specifically in Events, Convention Centers, Arenas, and hotels. In addition, he has also worked for an engineering firm doing civil and power distribution design work for roughly a year.

He has managed operations up to 300 plus employees to regional positions overseeing multiple states and organizations. After realizing his dream was days full of meetings, he left the corporate world and worked for a much smaller family business which allowed him to continue building side hustles.

Now that he is getting older, he realizes he won't be street hustling his whole life and is looking to turn all side house income into passive income.

Show Notes:

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