SAVE $$$ During Cyber Week

SAVE 💰 during Cyber Week. You heard that right, Cyber Monday has now become Cyber Week. Tips to save 💴 👇

✅ Come up with a budget. Yes, this boring prehistoric trick will help you assign a price tag to each person you “need” to buy for. You know, because every has a price. But! Make sure you assign that price beforehand and don’t go over that number!

✅ When there ARE things you’re interested in, write down the offers to compare, contrast, contemplate, comprehend, and condone prices. I call this the 5 C Method. I made up the last 3 Cs to see if you were still listening. Now, you don’t need to spend time shopping for 5 of the same items but having 2-3 comparables will paint you a better picture; and we all love happy trees 😊 🌲

✅ The real deals come with TVs 📺 and various forms of electronics that are “current technologies” and not state-of-the-art. Why? One, because today’s state-of-the-art is much more money than current technology. And two, it will be current 6 months from now at a fraction of the price. Ever hit a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the 9th? Think of current technologies as what that must feel like. If you can’t relate, think of ordering the Grand Slam at Denny’s at 9pm, same feeling.

✅ Best doorbuster deals are off-brand, minor-brands, or generic. Think plain non-flavorful foods. It may not taste 5 stars ⭐️ but it gets the job done.

Example: Sam’s Club has (on 11/30/2020) a 75in Roku 4K TV from Philips for $599. Now that’s a steal!

✅ Computer prices are at there best since February starting at $100. Make sure you got your 👀 on them because they won’t last long.

✅ Best Cyber Deal of all Cyber Times: Clothing. Why? There is an excess that major manufacturers couldn’t sell to brick and mortar stores. Why? Pandemic 😷

✅ What’s expensive? After this week, delivery from stores to your home 🏡 will be more than in-store pickup. Why? Shipping prices go up in December ❄️

If you found this to be useful or helpful in any way please share to help others out this holiday season.

From our Budgets & Brews team to your family,

Cheers 🍻

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