Rachel Hernandez (Author & Real Estate Investor)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Hidden Investment Opportunities in Mobile Homes

In episode 15, we interview Rachel Hernandez, Best-Selling Author & Real Estate Investor. Click to Listen!

Topics Covered in Episode:

  • How Rachel got started in real estate investing

  • How mobile home investing differs from regular real estate investing

  • Rachel's investing strategy

  • How to finds deals

  • Running the numbers on her first deal

  • The pros & cons of mobile home investing

  • Beer Review: Goose Island IPA

About Rachel:

Rachel has over a decade of experience starting out like most real estate investors, investing in single-family homes. After finding herself always working & burnt out from being a landlord, she dove into the world of mobile home investing where she considers it to be more fun. As an Author & Blogger, her books have hit #1 on Amazon & has earned a spot as one of the “Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs.”

She has been featured in MHVillage, Forbes, Motley Fool, & other real estate publications & blogs. Recently, she took the spot for #1 Writer for Mobile Homes on Quora.

Show Notes:

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