Lower Your Energy Bill by 20%

Many of us are at home, now more than ever, due to the pandemic. That means we are likely spending more energy, especially for remote workers. If we do the math, this means we will naturally increase our household’s energy usage. If we do that math, this means our energy bill will likely be higher.

Here are 6 tips to help reduce your energy bill by 20%!

1) Energy Budget Notifications Some energy companies have apps where you can set up monthly energy budgets. They allow you to set and receive alerts/notifications when you go over the budget. When this happens, it allows you the ability to one, be aware, and two, take action to get back on track. These alerts will help prevent high energy bills and save you cash $$$

2) Thermostat Scheduling If you can, invest in getting a thermostat that can auto-schedule. You can program it to drop a few degrees while you sleep or leave for work. This has the potential to cut costs by 10% or more.

3) Curtains Call for Drastic Measures You can use natural light to heat and warm your house. Make sure to keep blinds and curtains open throughout the day to let sunlight in but make sure to close them at night. We want to trap the heat we gained throughout the day which will help to reduce heat loss and cut HVAC costs.

4) The Coffee Pot Coffee pots consume lots of energy in order to heat up water. If we can remember to turn off the pot when it’s not needed, we can easily save some extra cash each month.

5) Sleep Mode & Your Computer An easy way to lower energy usage is by using your computer’s sleep mode. You can also make your computer sleep automatically when inactive by adjusting your battery settings.

6) The Always-on Energy Usage

Some devices in your home never turn off. One example is a gaming system. Two tricks that will help are adding smart plugs to the outlets allowing you to schedule an on/off time or by plugging the device into a power strip allowing you to manually turn it off after use.

Use these tips and start saving today! If you know any additional tips or tricks we would love to hear. Stop by our Facebook Page and drop a comment to help spread the savings!



Source: Powerley

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