Lee Huffman (Financial Planner & Corporate Finance Manager)

Top Credit Cards 4 Points & Rewards

In episode 20, we interview Lee Huffman, Financial Planner, Corporate Finance Manager, Freelance Writer specializing in travel, & Credit Card Rewards Specialist.

Topics Covered in Episode:

  • The best credit cards for building credit

  • Balance transfers

  • Cash back

  • Travel rewards

  • Student credit cards

  • Beer Review: New Glarus Brewing Company Spotted Cow (Distributed Exclusively in Wisconsin)

About Lee: Lee started his career working at his father's law firm who was a Bankruptcy Attorney. During this time, he saw many good people fall on hard times; during divorce, medical problems, or some that just couldn't keep their budgets together. This taught him a lot about what not to do when dealing with finance, credit cards, and budgeting. Over his career, Lee has worked as a Financial Planner and Corporate Finance Manager for over 18 years. All the while, using writing as a creative outlet and a part time hobby. Just a few years ago, he moved from L.A. to Nashville and transitioned to writing full-time. Fast forward to today and Lee's content has been featured in Forbes, MSN Canada, Investopedia, Business.com, and NerdWallet to name a few. We consider Lee a Travel, Credit Card, and Finance expert!

Show Notes:

Credit Cards Resources

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