Gerry Born (Teacher & Finance Blogger)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

How To Save 7 Figures on a Teacher’s Salary

In episode 8, we interviewed Gerry Born, high school Teacher & Millionaire. Click here to Listen!

Topics Covered in Episode:

  • How Gerry paid off his $45k debt in 2 years

  • Hardcore saving strategies

  • What simple investing looks like & how to get started

  • What tax advantage accounts can be used to maximize your growth potential

  • What is the Acorn app & how it can be free

About Gerry:

Gerry & his wife are teachers who are currently working their dream jobs. In their early thirties they had $45,000 of student loan debt & 2 crappy cars. This is where their financial journey began! Gerry's journey to financial independence began with a teaching stint in Saudi Arabia in 1996. He took a job teaching ESL while his future wife finished her M.B.A. At that time, he had just finished his M.B.A. & M.A.T.L. & was eager to start earning money. In his 5 years in Saudi Arabia, he was able to pay off his student loan debt & save $100,000. Without a doubt, his time overseas helped him steer his ship to financial freedom. He slayed his student loans & laid a solid financial foundation to reach his financial goals.

Show Notes:

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