Doc G (Medical Doctor, Podcast Host, & Investor)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

How To Create 22 Passive Income Streams

In episode 13, we interview Doc G., Medical Doctor & Host of the “Earn and Invest Podcast." Doc is also featured on the “Stacking Benjamins Show." Click to Listen!

Topics Covered in Episode

  • How to create passive income streams

  • How to get started in investing

  • 22 different ideas for passive income

  • Beer Review: Sam Adams Jack-O Pumpkin

About Doc G:

Doc G is a Medical Doctor who started off as an entrepreneur with his first business in selling baseball cards. He then transitioned into another business, buying & selling artwork, making around 20k his first year. He followed his parents footsteps investing in real estate as well as opening up a concierge medical practice. After closing that down, he now continues to provide medical care & hospice. Doc has been an avid blogger since 2008 & runs & operates and In addition, Doc has wrote & self-published 2 books.

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