Cheap Vacations to Mexico

Featuring "The Dirty Traveler" YouTube Channel.

We are back here again talking about Tim Dehrmann AKA the Dirty Traveler and his amazing tips for traveling on a budget!

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Tim is back at it again with a 3 night 4 day trip to Cancun Mexico where he got some great deals and was able to enjoy some scuba time in those beautiful blue waters!

See the break down of his spending and resources used below:


Booked two weeks in advanced - $230 Round Trip



Mayan Monkey Hostel & Bar - $10 Bucks a Night! $35 Total


Activities Day 1: Swimming with Whale Sharks - $160 per person + $10 Tip NOTE: Breakfast


Local Island Tour

Homemade Ceviche


Resource: /

Activities Day 2: Scuba Diving - $115 if Uncertified - $80 is Certified already NOTE:

2 Hour Training for Uncertified Divers Small Groups

2 Dives Included - Underwater Museum - Coral Reef

Eels - Sharks - Schools of FIsh - and Sea Turtles

Additional Expenses:

Food + Drinks: $50

Car Rental - Split two ways $57 each.

Total Budget around $600

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