J. Money (Business Owner & Finance Blogger)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Budgets Are Sexy, The J. Money Interview

In episode 10, we interview J. Money, featured in magazines such as Forbes, New York Times, LA Times, Business Insider, and much more. Click to Listen!

Topics Covered in Episode:

  • How J. Money got into finance

  • What types of budgets you should be using

  • Jay’s top investment strategies

  • How to monetize blogging

  • What refunds you can get from COVID

About J. Money: Jay went looking for a 2 bedroom apartment to rent in 2007 and ended up buying a $350,000 house 48 hours later, with no money down. Jay came across blogging & started a personal finance blog (BudgetsAreSexy.com) His blog took off & he started making money (20 million + views. He became a full-time, self-employed, blogger and has made $1,000,000 + since. Jay has been named a Top “Social Influencer” in personal finance & wealth & is constantly featured in the media: Forbes, Inc Magazine, New York Times, LA Times, Kiplinger, Entrepreneur, Business Insider. Jay is a Blogging Coach, Money Coach, Fintech Advisor & Judge. He Launched a year-long philanthropy project & is currently working on a new project in collaboration with The Motley Fool

Show Notes:

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