Bobbi Olson (Budget Coach, Radio Producer, & Podcast Host)

Budgeting 101: Creating a Budget

In episode 21, we interview Bobbi Olson, who is a former producer for a financial radio show & the host of "Cents-Able Chat" Podcast.

Topics Covered in Episode:

  • 5 Budgeting Myths vs. Facts

  • The 5-Step Budgeting Process

  • How much should your emergency fund be?

  • What percentage of Income should go where? 50/30/20 Budget?

  • Beer Review: Dos Equis Lager!

About Bobbi:

Bobbi has been producing financial radio shows/podcasts for more than 20 years, and has become passionate about personal finance for middle class and low income levels - especially budgeting! Through her career she has gained business experience is in radio production, including recording, editing, scheduling, direct response tracking & analysis, promotions, etc. Her personal experience in budgeting and personal finance has come from learning from financial experts she's worked with, reading lots of books, and life experience. During our Budget & Brews episode she talks about how she's made many financial mistakes along the way but learned how to dig herself out of debt by making & following a plan for financial freedom. Bobbi is now the host of the CentsABLE Chat podcast is devoted to helping others do the same!

Show Notes:

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