Apple iPhone 12 Event Under 12 Minutes

So Apple did a thing. They created a video showcasing their new Apple iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutes.

Here at Budgets & Brews, we thought our audience might be interested in the Apple iPhone 12 event so we decided to showcase the details and the Apple event video below. This features Apple's new line of iPhone 12's with 5G compatibility; as well as some additional updates and new products.

Without further ado, enjoy your iPhone 12 event update!

iPhone 12 New Features iPhone Price Points

  • New design

  • 6.1 and 5.4-inch sizes

  • 5G support

  • OLED displays with Ceramic Shield

  • Dual-lens camera

  • A14 chip

iPhone Price Points

  • iPhone SE from $399

  • iPhone XR from $499

  • iPhone 11 from $599

  • iPhone 12 from $699

  • iPhone 12 Pro from $999

Additional Mentions

  • iPhone 12 mini- The smallest iPhone in the range, and likely the cheapest as well. The name is uncertain at the moment, but many leaks point to this moniker.

  • iPhone 12 - Similar specs to the iPhone 12 mini, this is expected to be the device that replaces the iPhone 11 as the option for most people who don't want top-end tech.

  • iPhone 12 Pro - A LiDAR scanner and maybe a 120Hz refresh rate screen are the rumored upgrades for those willing to spend more on the Pro variant.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max - As in recent years, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is expected to be the same spec as the previous phone but with a larger screen and battery.

  • Apple HomePod 2 - A new smart speaker from the company that improves on sound quality and a few other features.

  • Apple HomePod Mini - A smaller version of the existing smart speaker from the company, and it's likely to have a much lower price too

  • Apple AirTags - A constant rumor for events like this, but these are location tracks that allow you to track items like your keys or purse directly from your phone.

  • Apple AirPods Studio - Apple's first over-ear AirPods product that have been rumored for a while, and they may be unveiled later today.

  • Beats Powerbeats Pro 2 - Another pair of headphones designed by Apple, and these may be an alternative to traditional AirPods products.

We got you covered!

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