Ann Kamphaus (Business Owner of Books & Brews)

Opening A Franchise!

In episode 23, we interview Ann Kamphaus, former Healthcare Risk Manager, owner of Books & Brews, and book enthusiast.

Topics Covered in Episode:

  • A 7 Step Process on How to open a franchise

  • Pros & cons of franchising

  • And the fees & costs that come along with it

  • Beer Review: Platform Barrel Aged BonBonerie Opera Cream

About Ann: Ann is a former healthcare risk manager, who took a break from her career to start a family. When she decided to come back into the workforce, she ended up taking a job at her local library, which lead to a full time position, and Ann became the new "story time lady". Ann has always had a passion for books and when she and her family moved to Oxford, Ohio. She noticed there weren't any good book stores. She proposed an idea to her husband (Neil) that they should open a book store. Living in a college town, they realized they would need a niche in order to successfully run their business. It then hit them, what better idea then to incorporate her passion for books with drinking. After doing a bit of research, they found the franchise Books and Brews. They took a trip to the hometown of Books and Brews to meet with the owner about starting a franchise in Oxford, and as they say the rest is history!

Show Notes:

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