Andrew Kerr (Podcast Host & Real Estate Investor)

Live 4 FREE: House Hacking 101

In episode 17, we interview Andrew Kerr, Real Estate Investor, creator of FI by REI, and host of "The House Hacking Podcast."

Topics Covered in Episode:

  • The basics of House Hacking

  • What that entails and wow to get started

  • How you can live for FREE

  • Beer Review: Blue Moon Belgian White!

About Andrew:

Andrew has spent over 6 years in the mortgage banking industry. During his career he felt burnt out, had a boss he hated, a terrible commute, and just wasn't enjoying life. After a volunteer trip to help clean up flood damaged homes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he decided to leave behind his corporate job and dive head first into the nonprofit realm. From there on out, he loved what he was doing but missed the securities that his cooperate career had previously offered (benefits, financial security, etc.). It was at this point in his life, he knew there must be a better way and started down the path of real estate investing.

Since then, Andrew has bought and sold property, raised money from investors, flipped homes, dealt with two property fires, and handled at least a dozen evictions (almost all without a lawyer). Further, he has created joint ventures with partners, invested in multiple states, and has had multiple successful exits with double-digit returns.

Show Notes:

House Hacking Resources:

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