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What is a money coach? 

In the most basic form, a Money Coach is someone who guides others through making financial decisions. Their job is to figure out where someone is financially and create a plan to help identify and achieve their goals. In all essence, money management. 


Think of a Personal Trainer, someone you meet with regularly that knows your goals, creates a plan, and helps to coach and educate you along the way. They differ between financial advisors due to the fact that financial advisors work to manage and build on the wealth that already exists while money coaches provide the information and tools that help put clients in the best position to create that initial wealth. They put you in charge of the decision-making and keep them out of the hands of someone else.


Money coaches also don't sell you commission-based products or charge you a percentage based on how much money you have with them unlike some financial advisors, which is termed the “asset under management” model. 


What do they help with?

          *Financial planning          *Portfolio creation           *Asset management           *Wealth building               *Financial literacy  

          *Personal finance            *Budgeting                       *Retirement                        *Automated savings         *Emergency funds    

          *Debt elimination             *Accountability                 *Organization                     *Expense prioritization     *Spending patterns    

          *Finding money gaps       *Money tips                     *Savings/checkings            *Money management       *College savings                            *Brokerage accounts       *Investing                         *Education                         *And more...

Why choose me?

I want to start off and explain why I became a Money Coach in the first place. I hope this will help shed light on where my heart and passion lie. 


I founded Budgets & Brews in February 2020 during the start of the pandemic, this was right after I became a Licensed Real Estate Agent. I saw many people, friends and family included, struggling financially, losing jobs, missing mortgage payments, and sacrificing to provide for their family. My initial reaction was to reach out to help and offer support, but I knew that was unrealistic given the number of hours in a day while working full-time. Instead, I did two things.


First, I volunteered to teach Financial Peace University (FPU) to local community members.  This was a nine-week course that taught how to save an emergency fund, get out of debt, save for retirement and college, pay off your house, build wealth, and give generously. 


Second, I created the Budgets & Brews podcast and website to cast a wide net to help spread financial education to whoever needs it and is willing to listen. I wanted it to feel non-threatening and intimidating so I named it Budgets & Brews; as in pull up a seat, grab a beer, and let’s talk finance. The website is a resource database full of finance articles, youtube videos, and podcasts filled with free financial information. Since then, I have met so many great people along this journey. Authors, Finance Bloggers, Professors, Financial Advisors, CEOs, Real Estate Agents, Wealth Managers, and so much more. Feel free to check out our guest page to see who else has been on the show! 


From there, the show and website started growing in popularity and I was getting messages and phone calls from friends, family, and even people I didn’t know. I was happy people wanted to learn how to take control of their finances, money, retirement, and life. I spent hours on the phone with individuals after work and in my spare time. Their passion for learning is what inspired me to become a Money Coach and offer my services to the public. It was also a way to give back and dedicate my time, experience, and knowledge to others . It's an amazing feeling to see others succeed and reach financial independence. 


Hopefully, this provides you with a better understanding of my passion for helping others, but most importantly, my passion for teaching others. I hope to provide you with the financial knowledge to regain control of your money and life.


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